About Us

Aims of the Fund


The objectives of the ‘Friends’ are to raise funds to buy additional equipment for use in the intensive care of babies in the Neonatal Unit in consultation with the staff at the ‘Royal Derby Hospital’.

How Does the Fund Achieve its Aims

The activities of the ‘Friends’ include fund raising at local events i.e. Carnivals, schools, raffles, marathons etc. A major source of income comes from local clubs and associations who give magnificent financial support raised from sponsored events. Also donations are received from bereaved parents.

In March 1977, led by a committee of six, £1,116.00 was raised and spent on equipment.

The next twelve months saw a further £2,013.00 raised and year on year funds have grown, sadly committee members have not and we still survive on six regular members, who are very proud of what has been achieved.

How Has the Hospital Benefited From the Fund?

Over the years, more and more money has been raised to purchase sophisticated Intensive Care and often expensive items of equipment required by the Baby Unit in its continuing search to improve the health and well being of preterm and sick babies entrusted to its care.

In 1983/4 an appeal was launched which resulted in the purchase of a Head Scanner at a cost of £25,000. We find the people of Derby and Derbyshire have been extremely generous to our cause.

We were established in 1976, we have raised just over £2 million pounds. The ‘Friends’ are very thankful to all individuals, companies and organisations who have fundraised for the ‘Friends’ over the years.

The work of the ‘Friends’ will always be ongoing whilst there is a Neonatal / NICU in Derby and babies need this care. We support the staff who do a wonderful job wherever we can  and parents can never thank them enough.

The unit is now expanding to take more intensive ‘cots’ and this means more equipment, as well as replacing worn out ones.

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