The Unit


Special care for Babies had existed at the ‘Nightingale Maternity Home’ in Derby since 1947, but in 1973 the new modern ‘SPECIAL CARE BABY UNIT’ (SCBU ) was set up at the Derby City Hospital.

Since then the Neonatal Unit has had two more homes during the building of the new super hospital – The Royal Derby Hospital.

The present one is much improved allowing more space for family to see their baby, also the atmosphere is wonderfully calm with the new lighting.
Recently they have increased to 24 cots.

This Unit cares for premature and sick new-born babies, providing care in a purpose built neo-natal specialist medical unit which opened in the Autumn of 2007.  In 2007 we supported 250 babies which has now increased to 425 babies in the current year

This is one of the 6 bays in the Unit.  You can see the incubator, monitoring equipment and a CPAP breathing machine by the window. The amount of equipment is vast and it is very expensive, it is always evolving so there is always a need to improve the already high level of care.

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